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The Ford family brings a new level of flavor to these familiar snacks

THE FORD FAMILY of Raleigh, North Carolina, has a way with peanuts, and with names, too. In 1999, the Fords came up with the idea of marinating roasted local jumbo peanuts in the freshly pressed juice of merlot and chardonnay grapes harvested from the vineyard of their now defunct winery, J. Berry Brown. The family christened these unique peanuts Wine Nuts --which sounds better than Juice Nuts -- and they proved to be an immediate hit. The Fords subsequently introduced two other types of marinated nut, margarita and mocha coffee, and last summer, launched Jalapeno Nuts, the first of a planned line of spice-flavored foods under the evocative name Fire Dancer. Full Story
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"Stay sober with Wine Nuts"
Trade Buzz F & B Magazine

Large jumbo peanuts with a rich roasted flavour, Ford's Wine Nuts come in three flavours: Margarita Mix, Merlot and Chardonnay.

All of them taste sweet and salty, and are tinged with flavour of the relevant wine or margarita lime, as the case may be. Despite their names, they actually contain no alcohol. Sourced from North Carolina, the peanuts are cholesterol-free and go well with summer salads, sorbet and ice cream. Margarita Mix Wine Nuts were selling to our wholesale customers before we even had the first case in stock. The idea alone was enough to convince retailers to start buying the product for their stores."
"Gone Nuts"
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“Ford’s Foods has taken the “peanut as bar snack” to more sophisticated levels with Margarita Mix Wine Nuts, Merlot Wine Nuts, and Chardonnay Wine Nuts, seasoned extra large jumbo peanuts from North Carolina.”

"Grant, Lee and Matzo? Exhibit Traces History of Kosher Eating in America"
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"The rabbi's historical account, illustrated on a series of large display panels, was briefly on display last week at Kosherfest

2003, a trade fair at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center with a head-spinning array of kosher products, such as Margarita Mix (Wine Nuts) flavored nuts."
“Raleigh company’s barbecue sauce has made big impression with memorable name”

Honey and molasses give western N.C.-style sauce sweeter taste”
“Raleigh company’s barbecue sauce has made big impression with memorable name”

“Raleigh — Let’s face it: When you name a product “Bone Suckin’ Sauce”, you’re making quite a statement.

You’re saying that the sauce is so good that people literally will want to eat every last drop - a pretty bold assertion given how picky barbecue aficionados can be about their sauces. You’re also saying that you’re a company that’s willing to take chances, unafraid that the name will be seen simply as a gimmick that overshadows the product itself.
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"Fancy Foods From N.C."

"Fords Foods of Raleigh introduced an extension of its popular Bone Suckin 'Sauce line, Bone Suckin' Rib Rub.

"As we speak, there are more new products in the works," said Patrick Ford, the company's international marketing director. Already on the market are Margarita Nuts, a variation on the Ford's Wine Nuts, roasted peanuts flavored with Chardonnay and Merlot. "It's a long way from the days of selling the sauce from the trunk of my car and having my apartment stacked to the ceiling," Ford said.
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